Mr. Paul Quach

Mr. Paul Quac

Mr. Paul Quach is an External Liaison and active member of the Board of Trustees of the Mengly J. Quach Education.

The eldest of eight, Mr. Paul Quach was born in April 1966 Battambang Province. Like many other Cambodians, he went through his childhood and teenage life in the Pol Pot before he and his family eventually resettled in the United States in April 1984.

Prior to his departure to the United States in 1984, Mr. Paul Quach had engaged in numerous business, jobs and volunteer positions. While attending high school in Battambang province, he founded a business venture, importing products from Thailand to his hometown and Phnom Penh capital. Later, in Khao I Dang refugee camp, he worked in a Laboratory of UNHCR as a Laboratory practitioner for about one year and later as an interpreter and translator for U.S. Government-sponsored Joint Volunteer Agency (JVA) for seven months. In Saang Bataan refugee camp in the Philippines, Mr. Paul Quach volunteered as an assistant English teacher and cultural orientation interpreter for new refugees, a well-respected position throughout the camp.

Right after his arrival in the United States, Mr. Paul Quach enrolled and earned a certificate in Legal Secretary from a private college. He then worked as a teacher assistant at Los Angeles Unified School District. At the same time, Mr. Paul Quach also continued his education in Los Angeles Trade Technical College, where he earned an associate in art degree in Electronic Engineering Technology in June 1987. After his graduation, Mr. Paul Quach worked in Q-Tech Corporation as an electronic technician. Then in June 1989, he moved to Teledyne Control where he tested and repaired all flight data and the black box before he ran his own business in 1993.