Message from Principal for Kindergarten

Mrs. Punloeu Pen

Principal for Preschool, kindergarten and elementary

Message from Principal for Kindergarten

Greeting to Ladies and Gentleman!

Preschool, kindergarten and primary school are the first stage of education and the starting point. Let begin your children’s study life by learning the basics of letters and numbers and the notions of drawings, Therefore, please trust the American Intercon School, a general education school that provides quality knowledge, discipline, special services. It does not only provide knowledge, but also education, good attitude, cultivate the courage to ask questions along with other skills such as sports, painting, and music, too. We are committed to educating your children to be good children, good students and responsible citizens from an early age.

Please join us to make your child’s life better.

Sincerely, American Intercon School Mrs. Punloeu Pen, Assistant Principal of Preschool, Kindergarten and Primary School។