Message of High School

Mr. Som Channa

Assistant Principal for Junior High School and High School

Message of High School

Dear all parents, guardians, and the general public. My name is Borang Run, and I am the Assistant Principal at the American Intercon School, Takeo Campus.

Education is a requirement for a brighter future and a precious resource, thus it must be a part of everyone's life. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports' curriculum is adhered to by the mission-based educational program that the American Intercon School is committed to complete.

Additionally, a number of books in the school library educate students on real knowledge, ethics, and social responsibility in preparation for their time at university, whether domestically or abroad. As a result, the workforce of the future will be full of individuals with talent, morality, and a high level of social responsibility.

The American Intercon School is a training institution with a strong mission of "quality, discipline, and service" enabling students from all walks of life to acquire a quality and efficient education.

Last but certainly not least, I'd want to convey my appreciation to all the parents and guardians of the students who have supported and trusted the American Intercon School as well as the opportunity for their children to attend. I wish all students happiness, success, and good health with the utmost respect, parents or guardians.

Putting money into your child's education yields the best returns.