Mr. Sopheap Roeung

Mr. Sopheap Roeung


Welcome to American Intercon School!

Welcome to American Intercon School, a recognized private educational institution for excellence, discipline, and service.

In this 21st century full of advances in technology, innovation and coexistence, digital technology has made rapid progress in all areas, requiring adequate training of human resources to sustain this development and meet the needs of quality of work, living together, sharing and helping each other with integrity. American Intercon School has been involved in training human resources from kindergarten to 12th grade, strengthening the skills needed as in the mentioned cases above. The main vision and mission of the school are to participate in developing human resources and education in Cambodia. All campuses of American Intercon School adhere to the same standard, which is recognized both nationally and internationally.

 All the information posted on this website is about learning and teaching activities, social work, arts, competitions, research, and sports, which are crucial activities conducted by teachers, students, staff, and all relevant departments. These are the main elements which make students fulfil their potential and get a taste of education in a modern way, which helps to enhance human resources for the nation.

 Parents, guardians, and the public are encouraged to follow all school activities on the school’s website for good educational information, encouragement to students, and connections that allow us to continue to cultivate the spirit of knowledge and skills and living together for all the students.