Mrs. Kamrang Saem

Mrs. Kamrang Saem


Welcome to American Intercon School!

On behalf of American Intercon School, I am sincerely thankful for all parents and guardians for trusting and choosing to send your beloved children to study here.

American Intercon School is a school with a clear vision of “quality, discipline, and service” for students from all learning backgrounds to receive a quality and effective education. The school also provides all the students with a lot of new learning experiences including knowledge, skill, and morality.

The study curriculum of American Intercon School is modelled from the curriculum of the Department of Education, Youth and Sports. More specially, the school provides various new learning programs for your children such as life skills, workshops and training programs both inside and outside of school campus. Moreover, a variety of sports, skill learning, and community work are also included as extra curriculum so that all the students will be able to gain more knowledge and real-life experience.

At American Intercon School, we guarantee the quality of Khmer-American education standard providing your child with the right development in the new context of global growth.

Invest in education, invest in American Intercon school!