Mrs. Yana Ros

Mrs Yana Ros

President of American Intercon Schools

Greeting to ladies, gentlemen and children!

I am deeply grateful for all the support and trust in American Intercon School!

American Intercon School is a Khmer general education school that provides high quality of education, disciplines and good services. The school has comfortable learning environment, classrooms are attractive and well equipped with variety of modern teaching materials, and teachers are experienced and very professional. Young children will gain basic knowledge and skills to quickly adapt to the learning environment from the first day of school, apply it in their daily lives and will be able to interact morally with the surroundings. Studying at American Intercon School, students gain not only general knowledge in Khmer, but they are also taught subjects such as English, computer, music, dance, art, and many kinds of sports and skills to adapt well in daily life. All students have opportunities to show their talents, creativities, skills and knowledge to compete in various school competitions, as well as in many events arranged by other institutions. At American Intercon School, students will certainly get four core traits: knowledge, know-how, morality, and harmony. All of these will become the opportunities that drive children to succeed in the future.

On behalf of all staff of American Intercon School, I would like to thank parents, guardians, and students for their full supports and trust in our school. I wish parents, guardians, and students all the best and always blessed with four Buddha blessings which are long life, good complexion, happiness, and strength.Greeting to ladies, gentlemen and children!